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Remodeling & New Construction

Edina, Minnesota

Country Club Builders

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Country Club Builders

With over thirty years in the business, we've got the experience you need to provide a quality remodel that's beautiful and affordable

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Remodeling Done Right.

We have over three decades of experience, so we can make sure your home project is completed to your satisfaction. 

About Us

In Our Building Process, Your Voice Matters. 

We make sure your voice is heard and valued so we can deliver an end product that is just what you're after for your home. Don't settle for "close enough".

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Remodeling With A Personal Touch

We work closely with you so you know the progress of your home at all points during the building process. 

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Contact Us For All Your Remodeling Needs

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Country Club Builders


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A Remodel You Will Love

We work closely with you to include all the details you want in your remodel, to make your home really yours


Country Club Builders offers a remodeling experience unlike anything you have seen and better than you
could ever hope for. Our contractors have been in the home-building industry for over 30 years. Our
skills and eye for design are time-tested and customer-approved. We are excited to take on your
remodeling projects with you so that together we can create something beautiful and functional that
truly feels like home.
Why do you need a remodel?
There are a few reasons why you might be thinking of remodeling your home. Perhaps you need more
space for family to visit comfortably in your house. Sometimes an old home can feel dated, and you
want a fresh, new feeling in your space. Often times, a home can have beautiful bones, but the layout is
stuffy or crowded, and you can’t make the best use of your total square footage. For these reasons and
more, it is a great idea to go with a remodel from Country Club Builders. Our seasoned builders can talk
you through the best ways to maximize space in your home and make it more comfortable and
functional. This can look like knocking down walls, moving doorways, or shifting the layout of your
kitchen. Ultimately, your home is a place for you to relax, entertain, and welcome family and friends. We
want to help facilitate all of these things with our professional renovations.
The trademark of distinction.
Here at County Club Builders, we like to say that we offer a trademark of distinction. Have you ever seen
a home remodel that has that extra something? Maybe you walk into a room and there is a certain “it”
factor that is appealing, but you can’t quite explain why. That is exactly what we promise to each of our
clients. Our remodeling team does so much more than just move a wall and add a coat of paint. Each
renovation project is carefully thought out, discussed with the client, and then executed professionally
and artfully to yield a truly amazing final product. Our portfolio truly speaks for itself. We are honored
and proud to have so many satisfied clients who can enjoy the artful craftsmanship that goes into each
of our remodels.
How did we begin?
Country Club Builders finds its origins in an unlikely place for a renovation company: a family nursery.
Our head contractor, Terry, began his career in design at his family landscaping business when he was a
young boy. After studying landscape architecture in college, it wasn’t long before his love of design and
craftsmanship worked its way into home design and building. At heart, Country Club Builders is founded
on a passion for design and a love for our customers. Thankfully, that is how we continue to operate
Why we love what we do.

We hope that your house truly feels like home to you. However, sometimes, you can make changes that
help it feel even more like home. That is why we are in this business. We recognize that remodeling and
renovating can be extremely stressful, time consuming, and incredibly expensive. All of this is almost
certainly compounded if you choose to do the demolition and rebuilding yourself. The team here at
Country Club Builders has the experience, man-power, tools, and so many other resources to complete
your project so that you can enjoy the fruits of our labor without breaking a sweat! We love seeing the
changes in your home with each phase of a remodel, but we especially enjoy watching our clients as
they see their new, complete home for the first time after we wrap up construction. It is a special thing
to be totally in love with the place you live in, and that is what our team strives for. We love the entire
process of a renovation: talking through your goals, drafting a design, taking out the old, bringing in the
new, and finally, cleaning up the space and presenting it to you. We thrive in this environment, and we
are motivated by helping you truly love your home.
Each project is personal.
Something special about Country Club Builders is the value we put on our relationships with our clients.
Your voice and ideas are the most important at the table, and we conduct our business with this
philosophy. We design and construct with your happiness, functionality goals, budget, and timelines in
mind. We listen patiently to your needs and wants and are glad to answer your questions. We know that
a home remodel is a huge project, and we want you to feel secure and respected every step of the way.
You have probably heard it said that a renovation always takes longer and costs more than any estimate
you receive. We strive our best so that you won’t ever say that of our services! Because we have
decades of experience, we can confidently present a quote and timeline that is accurate and allows us to
complete everything to your satisfaction and the highest standards of excellence.
We realize that you have many choices when it comes to remodeling contractors, and that it can feel
overwhelming searching through the different options. We are thankful that you are considering our
team to handle your most valued asset: your home. When we are finished, we hope that you will fall
more and more in love with your space, and that you can continue to make memories with friends and
family for years to come!

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